Jul 19 2008

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 7

If you decide to become an affiliate marketer, you will definitely be successful if you work with the company closely, in terms of looking at all their guidelines, hints and tips. In many cases they are giving you advice on how to promote their most successful products, what keywords to use, professionally presented ad copy, and more.

You might even go so far as to write review of the products, your personal experiences, and more. (Handy hint here—NEVER try to sell products you or your friends and family would not be interested in ever using yourselves. And also, just think of the discounts you can get if you buy through your own site! It is a super way of making the most of your budget at Christmas!)

Gear whatever marketing message you are being give by the affiliate manager  to the visitors at your site.

Other affiliate opportunties on the internet.

One of the biggest opportunities on the internet is to sell information products as instant PDF digital downloads.

It is fast, easy, and provides instant gratification. It is great at monetizing the impulse buy, and non-fiction in particular sells well, and can sell a fair bit if it is a hot topic everyone it interested in.

While everyone will tell you that you can make the most money with your own product, it takes time and energy.   So why not promote products already for sale?

You can get started selling other people’s ebooks on topics related to your site at Clickbank or at Paydotcom.  PDC is relatively new, but is trying to give affiliates a better deal.

Once you become a member of either of these sites, you can see all of the products available on topics related to your site, and get a special code with an in-built link. Every time a sale occurs at that site, you get credit for it. The Clickbank checks come every two weeks like clockwork, and you can also buy the books yourself and get a commission.

So again, while it is easy to just rely on the sales message given to you, you should study your product in order to be able to market it effectively.