Jul 15 2008

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 4

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 4

The importance of tracking

As I said, tracking is following through on the sales funnel from start to finish, to actually see what is going on, and what people are doing, and buying, if anything.

Based on what I was able to observe, a few very strategic and careful changes to my sales letters added up to big results.

There is no such thing as “They almost bought from us.” They either did, or they didn’t. Your profits each month either go up, down, or stay the same. Which way are you trending. If it is 0 or downwards, you need to track, and test to see if you can lift your results.

Through honing my sales messages based on what I could see my visitors were clicking on, and at what depth of click in the letter, I was able to raise my customer conversion from 5% to 25% on one sales letter alone.  And from 1% to 6% on several others.

Just think what those numbers really mean! That means for every 100 visitors, I went from 1 customer buying, to 6 buying.  So it is NOT just all about the traffic, but how well you get your traffic to obey your call to action.

For my other letter, for every 100 people, I went from having 5 people buying to 25 people buying! With response rates at one-half to one-quarter of one percent as an average, I was already doing well at 1%, and phenomenally well at 5%. 25% conversion is astronomical—but by no means impossible. Not if you are creating relevant marketing messages that are resonating with your readers.

Now think what THAT can kind of increase do for your bottom line. It’s all a question of observing, looking at your reporting, and applying what you learn from it to do even better.