Jul 12 2008

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 2

How Do We Find Out What Our Visitors Are Doing?

If you know what they are doing, or NOT doing, you can hone your marketing messages to make them more relevant.

One tool I have found really useful for showing on-page clicks at your site is Crazy Egg.

It is a nifty little tool, very easy to apply to the site pages that you want to track and test with a view to improving your marketing message.

You can sign up for a free account which will let you track three pages, and it will soon end up making you want more!

(You can track up to 50 pages for $49 a month in the paid service, 100 pages for $99 a month.)

All you need to get started with the free account, however, is the ability to copy and paste a single line of Javascript at the bottom of the pages you want to track.

That will actually be plenty to start with, because you are going to focus on only one or perhaps two campaigns at a time with a view to improving them and your ROI.

You will start small, tracking what is actually happening, and then you will start testing, and tracking the tests again, in order to improve each sales letter or landing page, for maximum conversion.