Jul 26 2008

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 13

Remember, a visit isn’t necessarily triggered by receiving an email — subscribers can go to your website and purchase a product at any time. You marketing messages and calls to action should be site-wide and pervasive.

While it is true that every page of your site has the potential to be a home page, thanks to email marketing, you can guide the sales process much more commandingly through emails with well-crafted subject lines, a sales message, and a link that takes them to a well-designed special landing page complete with sales letter, than you can by allowing people to simple wander around your site clicking on whatever strikes their fancy.

If you have Crazy Egg in place, chances are you can follow their actions on the page, or across a number of pages in your sales process or funnel. Set up a landing page dedicated to each of your mailings and watch what they do.  Improve each landing page as needed in light of your observations.

Even though the questions you are asking and answers you are gathering might not be traditional “email metrics,” we still need to look at these events, because they can still give us insight into our subscribers’ needs, wants and interests — and we can use that information to create more relevant email campaigns.

Once you start looking at email beyond the immediate results you get (opens and clicks), you can really start to figure out what your subscribers are doing with your emails, and what motivates them to do business with you compared with any other site.

Then you can hone your offers to improve your conversion rates, which means a larger return on investment and a more plump bottom line.

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