Jul 23 2008

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 11

Once you have started your email campaign, track their actions.

Ask the question:

* What are my subscribers doing?
* What so those actions mean?

We can look at several actions when deciding what a subscriber is doing:

? Do they open emails? (Which subject lines worked best?)

? Do they click links? (Which calls to action worked best?)

? Do they purchase from the landing page you are sending them to? (You can use Crazy Egg to track this page. Watch what they do on the page, and adjust your message or layout accordingly. What is your conversion rate from click to purchase)

? Do they visit other pages of your website (Which pages, and what are they doing on them?) (We recommend with your landing page that you have a ‘closed loop’—don’t overwhelm them with too many choices or they will end up doing none of the actions you hope for. Narrow your sales funnel, and they will be much less likely to escape from it)

? Do they purchase products at the site? (Which ones, and how much do they spend?)

? Do they unsubscribe? (When?)

? Do they contact customer service? What about?