Jul 22 2008

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 10

Getting started with Aweber

If you are starting a mailing program, you will need to create and then input some basic data about the new list into the interface. Then you will need to design your email address capture forms. This is a simple enough process; the hard part is getting people to sign up. But here are some handy hints to consider.

First of all, you need to be clear about what they are signing up for. A Newsletter, sure, but what about discounts, special offers and so on. Are you giving a free PDF as an instant download? If you do this, make sure that the download is only given once they have confirmed.

Second, your order coupon-is your order mechanism working well? Is it sufficiently persuasive in getting them to part with their personal data?

How much personal data are you asking for? Why not just start out with first name and email address?  Be clear about what you are asking for too-you can populate the fields with an example.

Third, you can guage how successful your sign up message is and how keen they are to get your material if they confirming. We won’t go into all the reasons why you should make sure your list is double opt-in. Take our word for it, in the long term you will be glad you are Can-Spam Compliant

The main thing is, are your instructions clear to get them to confirm? If you offer a free PDF download, make sure it is the incentive for them to click through to complete the process. It should be on the last page, not in the email itself.