Aug 05 2012

Creating Extra Storage Space in Your Home

Many people complain that they live in a small apartment or house, but are they really making the most of the space that they have? If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things that you have in your home, the first thing to do is to start cleaning out anything that you have not used in at least a year with a view to selling it or donating it to charity. EBay has taught us that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so start seeing what you can find to sell and begin making more room for what you have. Then all you will have to do is make sure you don’t buy any more items.

Next, it will be time to take stock of your home to be sure you are making the most of its storage potential. For example, one of the most common but under-utilized areas in the home is right beneath your staircase. You can use the space under the stairs for a home office, a book nook or just more storage space. Any reliable contractor should be able to transform your under-stair area into the perfect space to meet your needs. Whether you add a comfy chair for lounging or a desk for paying the bills, or even an extra closet, try to make the most of the space for the items you need to store most.

Another under-utilized area of the home is the closet. Too often your closets just get crammed full of clothes, shoes and other items until you can’t find a thing. But with a big clean out and some simple additions, your closet can be turned into a bright, well-organized space that can help you save time and store everything you need. There are plenty of closet organizers available today but you can save money by using storage cubes, hanging shoe boxes, and hanging rods.

The bathroom also tends to have hidden space that can be transformed. If the sink is simply mounted against the wall, you can add a cabinet underneath for extra storage. You can also use metal framed shelves to go over the toilet and sink, and small baskets or plastic tubs to hold all your toiletries and other essentials.

If there is any spare alcove in the house, you can create a shelving unit of a small closet or cabinet. You can also put in a small mirror cabinet, which will make the room look larger and more modern. Many of these projects are quite simple as long as you are careful with your measurements. The time and effort will be well worth it if you are better organized and can find what you and your family need more easily.


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