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Jan 21 2009

How to Perk Up Trade Shows – Prizes 4

Trade shows are expensive to participate in, and so you need to really make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Setting up a prize drawing in the ways we have suggested offers two benefits.  It gives you concrete leads to build your business, and it offers you the opportunity to award the prizes at the show or after the show at a later date when you can call people and let them know they’ve won.

Make sure to not let this information go to waste.  Use the information you’ve collected to send out information about promotions and new products. Don’t just do a one and done, after the trade show, but maintain regular contact, at least once a quarter, to keep people up to date on what you are doing.

The easiest way to do this is of course with an email list, and leading them to a special url with a special offer. Remember, it often takes 17 exposures to a brand before recognition sets in, let alone someone making a purchasing decision.

With a bit of time and effort, and the cost of the better prizes (which you can usually get inexpensively if you buy in bulk, or get commission on if you join an affiliate program and buy through your own link), you can have fun and generate valuable leads at the same time.

Just keep in mind that not everyone will want to play, and not everyone will be a true customer, since there are always going to be people who will just go for the freebies. And of course, there will be the people who are more intent on getting YOU as THEIR customer, than being yours!

Whether you choose to host a drawing or ask your attendees to play a game, giving away prizes is a great way to introduce new people to your products and gain future customers.

Jan 19 2009

How to Perk Up Trade Shows – Prizes 3

How to Perk Up Trade Shows –  Prizes 3

The other great way to find people to donate prizes to is to have a drawing or sweepstakes.  Each person invited is encouraged to enter the drawing by throwing in their business card (have blank slips of paper at the ready with pens too for all those people who forgot their business cards, or simply ran out) and the first, second, and third names drawn each receive a prize.

Of course if you have more prizes to award, then you can continue to draw and donate prizes as you go.  In most cases, as we said, they should be prizes of your products and services, and have an estimated value.

A drawing is also an easy way to generate leads if you do it cleverly. Instead of having people simply put their name on a piece of paper, they can actually fill out a pre-set postcard.

Consider asking for the following information:

– Name

– Address

Make sure all your contact information and url is on the postcard. you might even want to give them a special url so you can gauge how successful the follow up is, or to entice them with a special attendees-only offer or discount.

The only disadvantage of this plan is you will have to enter the data in your database before you mail the card, and it will cost postage to do so.

Also, Name and Address are important, but there is other information you might want to collect from your prospects, including,

– Phone number
– Email address
– Title

– If they are interested in becoming an affiliate and earning commissions selling your products

Jan 17 2009

How to Perk Up Trade Shows – Prizes 2

People are by nature a bit competitive, some more than others, and a game is a great way to get the party or trade show started. It helps people become acquainted with your goods and services, and adds a bit of fun competition to the proceedings.

Games can be anything from a trivia game about the products and company or a game of strategy and skill.

Games also provide the perfect opportunity to find people to donate prizes to.  Depending on how much time you have and how many prizes you have to give away, you can award first, second, and third place a prize.

Or you can play a couple of games and the first place winner of each game gets a prize.  Just be sure it’s not the same person winning each time.

Naturally, you would do this in person. The easiest way to do it would be to give them your collateral sales material, a sheet of paper with the questions, and get them to put down all their contact information, and Booth number, if any.

Or, show them a power point presentation about your goods and services, giving them a sheet with the questions prior to that.  Again, get them to fill out all their contact information.

You can also make it a hands up and correct answer quiz, to help keep things moving along. Some people even give out buzzers and bells.

But in most cases you will want to show your presentation in your booth only at set times, so in this case, you would be aiming for a large group, in which case, the latter suggestion would not be very practical.

Jan 15 2009

How to Perk Up Trade Shows – Prizes 1

One great way to make direct sales parties and trade shows memorable and fun is to donate prizes to a few choice guests.

However, you don’t want to break the bank by giving away too many goodies, and you do want to use the prize giveaway as a lead generation tool.

In which case, make sure you are giving away items that are related to your company, with the occasional ‘big ticket’ item like an Ipod or DVD player to make the prize giveaway more enticing.

Yes, MORE enticing, because believe it or not, it’s actually often difficult to find people to donate prizes to! Many people are traveling away from home and don’t want to lug stuff. You might also want to stipulate that they have to be in the building at the time of the giveaway to pick up their item (though if you want to collect more business cards and leads, you can offer to mail it if it is not too large and won’t cost too much to do so.

In this article, we are going to cover how to find people to donate prizes to fairly, and still have fun.