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Apr 27 2012

How to Track and Measure Customer Engagement with Your Site and Brand

Customer engagement is the one thing most online companies are looking for, but it can be a very vague concept for many business owners who think only in terms of raw numbers, traffic, rather than what people actually do when they get to your site.

How do you know if your customers are engaging with you and feeling loyal to you?

Unlike profits and ROI, there’s not one place you can look and say “aha, we now have connection.”

Instead, to figure out how much of a connection you’re making, you have to collect a variety of different metrics and statistics and make an inference.

These statistics can show you whether or not your message is hitting home with your customers.

==> Facebook Virality

In your Facebook Insights stats, there’s a number called “Virality.”

This is essentially what percentage of people who see your posts end up commenting, liking or sharing it, which makes your story appear on someone else’s news feed.

The higher your virality, the higher the percentage of people who connected with your message enough to pass it on to their friends.

Your Facebook virality is one of the most accurate gauges of how well your message is hitting, because it takes quite a high bar for someone to recommend something to a friend.

==> Twitter Retweets

The same can be said of Twitter retweets. Pay attention to what kinds of messages get retweeted and what kinds of messages don’t.

If you run a sales training organization and find that tweets about cold calling tend to get ignored while tweets about closing existing customers seem to take off, then you know where to focus your attention.

==> Analytics Numbers

There are a few numbers you should pay attention to in your analytics software: bounce rate, average length on site and pageviews per person.

Of all these statistics, the one that is most indicative of whether your message is connecting is “average length on site.”

All of these numbers will tell you essentially how much someone likes your content. If they don’t like it, they’ll bounce. If they like it, they’ll stay longer. If they like it, they’ll view more pages.

Take a look at the time on site of your various content pages and your various traffic sources and see if you can spot any patterns.

==> Surveys

Finally, one last way you can gauge whether or not people are connecting with your message is to simply ask them.

Using a service like Survey Monkey, you can easily construct a survey in under 30 minutes.

Make your survey short. Ask customers to fill it out, preferably in exchange for a bonus or a chance to win a prize.

Gather all the data from your survey and determine how well your message is hitting. Make changes, then re-do the survey a few months down the line.

Applying metrics and statistics to your efforts at building a connection is crucial. Simply guestimating whether or not you’re connecting isn’t a good way to run a business. By tracking metrics, you’ll be able to steadily improve those metrics over time.

Jul 14 2010

Underground Traffic Blueprints Launch

Just to let you all know that Underground Traffic Blueprints is launching! This is 7 hours of packed training to help drive traffic to your site using underground strategies that will totally shock you. See it for yourself now: Underground Traffic Blueprints Launch

Jun 10 2010

Elephant Drive special offers

Here is a special offer from Elephant Drive, so-called because of their amazing memory when it comes to data storage:

ElephantDrive is perfect for personal and small business users looking for an Elephant-sized solution that never forgets their data.

CompliantData has been introduced for corporate users who will benefit from having the most powerful easy-to-use system designed to protect business critical data for multiple devices and workgroups.

Whatever solution you choose, your Elephant Drive will be there to back you up big time. CompliantData

Feb 17 2010

Thinking about setting up your own online business?

If you are thinking of setting up your own online business, you might want to consider Yahoo’s small business tools, including their hosting:

Yahoo! Web Hosting – Save 25% on your first 3-months of hosting service

Sep 26 2009

The New MiFi

Just saw this way-cool new device, a private wifi hub that can host up to 5 devices in your immediate vicinity, wireless, about the size of your hand. I think I will have to revise my Christmas wish list…

Feb 26 2009

ToolKit-Google Global 2

ToolKit-Google Global 2

Using Google Global.

Using Google Global is easy.

Search for your keywords as you typically would.

Once you receive your results, right click on the page.

A menu will pop up.

Select “Search Google Global”, and choose which geographic location you would like to see the results for.

The new results will pop up in a different tab, so you can compare results from different areas or countries side by side. See where you rank, for example, in your own zip code, if you are a local business.

Google Global also allows you to customize your toolbar with an additional button.  To add the button, simply right click an empty area on your Firefox menu bar.

You’ll see a menu of icons to choose from.  Find the Google Global Sphere, and click and drag the icon to your desired location.

Google Global is a great tool for internet marketers to help them with research, and to show them where their site stands on search results both regionally, which is great for local business, and where they stand on search engine results pages (SERPS) all over the world.

It offers tremendous information to help create global marketing strategies, to help you find the information you need. And quite honestly, it is just plain fun and fascinating to use.

Feb 24 2009

ToolKit-Google Global 1

ToolKit-Google Global 1

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your primary browser, and have the need or desire to see Google search from different geographical locations,  Google Global allows you to view organic and paid Google search results as they appear in different countries, cities, regions, ZIP codes and IP addresses.

Google Global is a great tool for internet marketers to help them with research, and to show them where their site stands on search results both regionally, which is great for local business, and where they stand on search engine results pages (SERPS) all over the world.

This is a particularly useful feature if you are an internet marketer wanting to run regional campaigns, for example, being an affiliate for a dating service.

Or, as a consultant wanting to set up a virtual mall of local businesses, and needing to scope out the competition and what kind of traffic the businesses can hope for.

Presently there are two versions of Google Global, Version 1 and Version 2.

Version 2 is compatible with Firefox 3, and is a completely rewritten version, so it is not compatible with Version 1.

If you’ve already installed Version 1, but would like the 20 added features and benefits Version 2 offers, then you’ll need to uninstall Version 1 and Install Version 2.

Unlike most Firefox add ons, this one isn’t available from the Mozilla Firefox website.

To install you’ll need to visit the developer’s website at

Click on the Install Now button, and follow the installation directions.  You’ll need to restart Firefox to begin using it.

Once your browser has restarted, you’ll see a menu listing all your present Firefox add ons.

Highlight Google Global and choose “options”.  There you can choose to de-personalize your search results and to open Google Global Results in a different tab.
You can now use Google Global from your search results or from your toolbar.

Feb 11 2009

How to Install and Use Flock 1

With the abundance of social media outlets and tools available to an individual, keeping track of them can be extremely frustrating and time consuming.

Developers created Flock to make social marketing and networking an easier task. Flock is a free web browser which enables users to upload and share photos and videos along. Users can also use Flock to receive updates from their favorite blogs and web mail.

Regardless of your operating system or language, it’s almost guaranteed there is a Flock version for you.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3. We will lay out the steps for you below.

Step 1.
Visit and scan the list for the appropriate version.

Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported, as are myriad languages. There are currently 5 Special Edition versions to choose from.

– Gloss Edition – designed for those in the fashion/entertainment industry.

– Eco Edition – designed for those with environmentally friendly interests and comes preloaded with global news and media.

– Digg Edition – if you use Digg to track your favorite blogs then this is the version for you.

– Yahoo Edition – lets you track your yahoo mail along with several other mainstream social media sites like Twitter and Magnolia.

– Photobucket Edition – perfect for the aspiring photographer.