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Mar 08 2009

5 Reasons Twitter is a Powerful Marketing Tool 2

5 Reasons Twitter is a Powerful Marketing Tool 2

2. Immediacy
Much like a blog or an RSS feed, you can get access to the people that use Twitter regularly.  In some ways, this is like making sure that you can reach them no matter where they are.

You will find that this is very important when you want to make marketing one of your biggest priorities.  You are making sure that they have all of the latest updates on what you are doing, and what’s going on with your business by simply sending a tweet their way.

It gives the perception that your business is up and coming, with lots going on that is worthy of note. In this economy, generating buzz is certainly a lot better than doom and gloom.

Mar 06 2009

5 Reasons Twitter is a Powerful Marketing Tool 1

5 Reasons Twitter is a Powerful Marketing Tool 1

Whether you are just getting started with an online business or you have been around for a while and looking for a new way to network, have a look at what Twitter.

Part chat program and part tiny blog, you will find that the Twitter interface is one that can change the way you interact with your current customers and potential customers worldwide.

Here are 5 reasons Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for online business owners like you.

1. It’s Short, Sweet & To the Point
Have you ever heard the phrase, less is more?  You’ll find that one of the best things about Twitter is that it keeps all messages very short and sweet.  You’ll have to give your customers and clients the gist of what is going on in short tweets (messages similar to instant messages) that allow their interest to be piqued in such a way as to make them investigate further.

You won’t bother them with long-winded messages that make them yawn and move on. Instead, you will be able to catch their attention quickly, and make them want to know more.