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Dec 04 2008

The Truth about Avoiding Scams

Scams go all the way back to the beginning of time and they aren’t going away. Today however with technology around, the scammers job is easier, enabling them to reach out from anywhere around the world and take advantage of more people in half the time. No matter how smart you think you are, you can easily become a victim.

The Truth About Avoiding Scams arms you with everything you need to protect yourself. With this valuable resource you will learn:

* The truth about recognizing today’s newest scams–online and off

* The truth about safeguarding your money, health, and reputation

* The truth about phishing, vishing, pharming, slamming, and more

Author and lawyer, Steve Weisman offers quick, bite-size facts and information about every type of fraud, from identity scams to computer-based fraud, travel and health scams, phony educational loans and scholarships, and more.

A few specific scams you will learn about are:

* The new epidemic of “affinity fraud”

* Up-to-the-minute guidance on avoiding illegitimate online dating services

* “Cramming” and other phone frauds

* Tax and Social Security scams

* Employment, home repair, and investment scams

If you want a practical guide to what these dozens and dozens of scams are and how they are worked against you, this book is for you.

Let’s face it, we live in a time where scammers have many new tools to trick you into giving them your money, or deceive you into providing them the tools they need to steal your identity from you.

The Truth about Avoiding Scams provides helpful, clear, and concise information about 61 scams you are likely to face just because you live in the modern world and are on the internet.

Scams are everywhere…now discover exactly how to protect yourself with

The Truth about Avoiding Scams