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Sep 05 2008

What is HTML?

HTML or HyperText Markup Language, is the foundation of basic website editing, used in full site design, and used in blog posts for most platforms.

Some Basic Things You Can Do with HTML

There are many things you can do with HTML, but here are some of the more common ones. They start and end with a sideways carat, but if we showed them to you correctly,you would not be able to see the code.
change fonts

font=Verdana The font of the text will change

When you are closing the tag at the end of the change you wish to make, make sure that you close it with a / as in </ font>

-change font color

<font color=#990000> There are a number of different colors in html. The colors are assigned six digit codes.</font>

You can find a simple HTML color chart here: HTML color chart

And it links to a more detailed chart here: HTML Color chart 2

This is midnight blue-the color is #191970

This is maroon-the color code is #800000

Just remember to close the tag when you are finished with a </font> tag.

-create a list

ul> for unordered list

ol> for ordered list

li>for each line item in the list

You can create a table to organize images, your photos, for example, or create a chart on your site or posting

table> starts table

tr> starts table row

td> starts table cell

remember to end each cell /td> and each row /tr> as well as /table>

-create a text link

a href=””>Text links are great for moving people around your site with ease </a>

-add an image

img src=

You can also create simple contact forms that include labels, radio buttons, and push buttons.

-quotes, and leaving white space on a page

blockquote>quoted text/blockquote>, text which is indented from the main part of the text on both sides, useful for making sure that the length of the line is not too long, so your visitors can read it easily.

These simple commands can help get you started with a good looking website. Again, just remember to start your command with < and end with >, and to close the tag, start with </ and end with >

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