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Nov 30 2011


We know times are tough at the moment and looking for a job can be extremely stressful. This free job search worksheet is designed to help you transform stress into success.

A lot of what you are going through has to do with mental attitude. What inner messages are you telling yourself as you hunt for a job. If your self-talk is negative and lacking in optimism, you could be sabotaging your own chances. On the other hand, if you are telling yourself that you’ve gone through tough times before, and came out of them just fine, you will be in a better frame of mind when it comes to looking for a new job.

Try to view this time in your life as an opportunity. You can continue along a similar path to the one you were on before you lost your job, or you now have the chance to re-invent yourself. Be adventurous and open to learning during the course of your job search and you will stand a much better chance of getting the job you desire.

As with many of the most worthwhile things in life, success depends on planning, preparation and some perspiration. Complete this worksheet to help you improve the image you are presenting, and boost your possibilities in the job market.
A-Resume Preparation
1. Update your resume using the following action verbs as appropriate: Practice, perform, complete, write, develop, design, implement, coordinate, assist, manage, represent, facilitate, ensure, supervise, advocate, conduct, prepare, serve as, educate, formulate, compose, assess.
2-Check your resume’s appearance and content for these items:
+Use bold print for job titles.
+Place all of your contact information at the top of page 1 of your resume and your name, phone number and email on any additional pages.
+Check for spelling and grammar errors. Do this on paper as well as on the computer screen. Then get at least two other people to look at it.

+Keep the resume to 2 pages if you can. If you want to show a portfolio of work, give them an URL to look at (they will be Googling you anyway, so be sure whatever information about you appears online is not damaging in some way).

Interview Preparation:
1-What personal and social skills do you have that make it easy to meet new people?
2-What personal and social skills do you feel you need to further develop to be at ease during interviews?
3-What is your networking plan to help you put feelers out to find the job of your dreams (70% of jobs are NEVER advertised but filled through networking).
4-List all temporary services in your area, complete with their addresses and phone numbers.
5-Approach each one of them with your resume. Use this as valuable interviewing practice.
6-Improve any of the skills that they might test you on in the course of their assessment of you as a temporary worker (for example, your Word and Excel skills). Practice online using free tutorials.
7-List the date and outcome of the temporary services you personally visited.
8-If they do appoint you, take advantage of any benefits available. Be sure to keep looking for work actively.
Making Ends Meet During the Job Search
1-Use quick methods of making cash to keep money coming in between jobs. Write down all the skills you have that you could charge fees to do for others (consulting work or contract work can pay well if you position yourself correctly).
2-What kind of telecommuting or outsourced tasks are you able to do?
Here are some suggestions:
Virtual assisting
Web Writing
Project Work
Web Design
Full-Time Online Work

3-Write down what you can do to find work in your chosen area above.

4-Consider volunteering in order to use your skills, make new contacts, gain new knowledge, and show people what you know. This is a great chance to network. Just be sure it will not affect your unemployment benefits.
5-List some places where you would consider volunteering.

Making Efficient Use of Your Time
1-Make a list of the kind of training, education or experience that you have always wanted to pursue.
2-Make a list of courses available locally that can help you achieve those goals.
3-Consider turning a hobby into a business to help make ends meet and use your time efficiently too.

There are many other things you can do to help prepare yourself for the job hunt, but going through this checklist will help you feel more optimistic and more in charge of the process.


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