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Jul 17 2010

Quick Blog Profit Academy

The Quick Blog Profit Academy has now launched. Inside the Members’ Area, you’ll get  step by step guidance on blogging (web logging), and  how it can make you profits quickly and easily if you are prepared to put in a bit of time and effort. You will also learn about the main blogging platforms and get an inside look at the wonders of WordPress. It’s more than just a blog,  it’s a content management system robust enough for even large companies to use to build money-making websites in next to no time.

The Quick Blog Profit team has also put together a 7-day ecourse to help you learn more about blogging, to see if it is the right new money-making career for you.

Learn the secrets of successful blogging quickly and easily from the experts: Quick Blog Profit Academy

Nov 05 2008

Blogging For Money 11

Blogging For Money 11



Creating an effective business blog

First and foremost, select a blog hosting service that is easy to use and offers robust features. We recommend the Hostgator hatchling level of service because it is so easy to set up and use.


You could also consider hosting the blog on your own existing business web site,

after checking the RSS feed capabilities and the dedicated Track-back functionality.


With WordPress, you can easily add it to your site, and get all these benefits and more.


Decide on who will write for the blog. Your options include somebody in the company. Whether offered in house or outsourced, you should make sure that the person or people writing for the business blog have decent writing skills and knowledge of the value you wish to offer customers and prospects.


You could outsource the job to the customer service reps or outside consultant. Or in the case of technical information being imparted, you could include the in-house engineers and technicians.


You can also include the marketers, executives, basically anyone with thorough knowledge of your products or services and with a direct access with the business customers could contribute to the business blog.


Ensure that your business blog has contact information prominent on the site, usually in the footer.  Again, WordPress usually templates this for you.


Make sure you have your credentials up on the site as well.  Keep the business blog content fresh and updated at least weekly. Also avoid being too similar to other blogs. Instead, drive your effort towards creating unique and interesting content, to establish yourself as a leader and expert.


Position yourself as the go-to blog for specialized topics, and they will keep coming back.

Oct 25 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 12

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 12


The dreaded SPAM

Once you are up and running, you will find that in no time your readers will comment and link to the post. The question is, are they real, or are they just looking to get links to their blog?


The sad truth is that spam has already made its way to blogland, and it is a vengeful beast. It can not only pollute your site, it can even take it over if you are not careful and have too obvious a username and password. 


In WordPress, there are settings which force a comment to be moderated. Make sure you turn this on. There is also a feature that they have to give an email address and be granted permission to join the site in order to post comments. This will slow spammers down, but not stop them entirely.


It wastes a lot of time and effort to get rid of spam from your blog, but the alternative is to have all your hard work ruined, so be careful and cautious in granting permission.


If it is a very general comment like I agree, this is usually a spammer trying to get a link, and it is also like a fly to honey—soon you will have a ton of spammers all glomming onto your site.


Also make sure that even if the comment looks legitimate, you click on the URL they have posted to be sure it is not porn or something unsavory. Remember that this is your ‘storefront’ to the world, so don’t put anything cheap and tacky in it.


Legitimate trackbacks, pings and comments are a good thing, and once you have bagged a good number of readers for your blogs, then you have to devote time religiously to respond to all comments and suggestions coming from the readers.


You will not only gain their loyalty, but also get new ideas for developing some innovative content for your next posts.


If you are planning to sell online, the good news is that most of the time the customer service will be taken care of for you. However, people will contact you directly, so make sure your own personal customer service is prompt and courteous.


Finally, being an expert on blogging requires all of the above, and of course the will and courage to not only keep on going, but to be brave enough to step out from behind ‘anonymous’ to branding yourself.   


Again, your blog is your storefront for your business, your skills as a consultant, author, or re-seller of a product, so the more relevant and interesting your content, the more likely you will be to rise to the top within a few months to a year, and develop a following.


It does take time, but the rewards can be enormous, and best off, they can be coming in 24/7, 365 days a year, from all over the world once you establish your presence in the blog world and start becoming the go-to blog everyone wants to read.



Oct 21 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 8

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 8


The wonders of WordPress


WordPress also has a number of templates, themes and widgets you can use to make your site and blog look totally unique, with relatively little difficulty.   Templates are pre-formatted ways of making the page look.  Themes is the overall creative appearance of the site.


The standard is the blue-based Kubrick pattern, but even here, there is flexibility, with you easily able to go in to change the top color.


The widgets are the items down the side, such as recent postings, your categories, a calendar, and so on.  Many of them are pre-loaded already, but you can move your widgets around into a different order that makes sense for you, or, even add new widgets.


Not all themes have widgets; however, so don’t just go on artistic appearance alone, but also on how professional and organized you want your site to appear.


Then you have choices like left-hand navigation vs right-hand, and 2, 3, or even more columns for your blog.  I recommend keeping it simple, with no more than three. 2 is ideal with your article in the wider of the two columns, and your navigation on the left or right. 


Many people do have larger screens these days, but too much stuff running down the side of your article is bound to interfere with people reading it.


Also, having too many or two few choices.  Think about a few main categories you will post about regularly on your blog, and get started. You can always add sub-categories later.


That is another great thing about blogs as compared with static websites—you can very easily add categories and areas and new pages without having to update dozens of pages with the new links. 


Oct 20 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 7

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 7


How I Became An Expert At Blogging


Like any other novice, I was a total dummy about blogging once upon a time. I couldn’t really see what all the fuss was about. I set up a couple of them, and sort of dabbled with them from time to time.


Then I had a paying client with a tight budget desperate to get started on her own blog so she could start selling her professional consulting services effectively. She was a great reader of blogs, but didn’t find anything in her area of expertise, and so wanted her own blog, without breaking the bank.


So I told her I could set her up with the blog inexpensively, but she would have to do the work herself with all the writing and editing.  You don’t really need a webmaster for a blog, another reason why it is so popular as a website.


So in the process of writing up all her step by step instructions on how to use WordPress, I got the blogging bug.


I loved how fast it was compared to building a website, and how great it was to keep updated. One click and it went live, without having to use a whole bunch of editing and FTP programs.


If you wanted to edit it, tweak, save, done.  If you wanted to add pictures, the same. The WordPress interface has two choices, WYSIWYG, What you see is what you get and HTML, so you could edit in either window. Once I became a member of an affiliate program, I was able to add my html based affiliate links quickly and easily at the end of articles.


Sep 19 2008

WordPress Blog Additions/Plugins

There are a number of handy plug ins for your blog, with more being added all the time. Here are just a couple of the handy ones you might like to add. See your dashboard for the latest news on new plug-ins, and any bugs that might be present in the old ones.


*blocks spam comments

*built into wordpress already just needs activated


Google Sitemaps Plugin

*creates an instant, up to date sitemap for google on your blog


Optimal Title

*takes the title you already have on you pages and single posts and turns them putting the important part first

*post title >> Archive >> Blog name


Simple Tags

*easily adds social bookmarking tags to your posts by typing [tags]keyword, keyword, keyword[/tags]


Related Posts

*adds links at the bottom of your post to other blog posts you’ve made with similar content


Linky Love Plugin

*allows you to set repeated commentors to have their links “follow” instead of “no follow,” thus rewarding them with a quailty link to their website


Feedburner Feed Replacement

*redirects feed subscriptions through feedburner giving you a more accurate subscriber count there


Bookmark Widget

*adds a customizable widget to your sidebar, you select your favorite bookmarking social sites from the list to include


Brian’s Threaded Comments

*brings flow and function to your comments, creating conversations within the conversation



*easily create and manage polls on your blog


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