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Nov 04 2008

Blogging For Money 10

Blogging For Money 10


Business blogs versus personal blog


A business blog can be an online space where employees can interact with customers and prospects in their own unique styles. The business blog enables in-house contributors to demonstrate collected knowledge and expertise, and have informal conversations with customers and prospects.


The business blog is a well-written and informative newsletter. It is designed to be easier, faster and cheaper than other mediums of marketing.


If you work for a larger company like Microsoft or Google, they have a variety of employees all blogging about different aspects of the company. They do of course have to be careful about what they say, but then so do you.


Since 30% of all human resources departments Google prospective employees, make sure your online act is, as it were, clean and respectable. Gone are your college buddy days and boasts about how drunk you got at the weekend, or worse!


Be professional at all times, and put your best foot forward.


Nov 03 2008

Blogging For Money 9

Blogging For Money 9


How To Create An Effective Business Blog

Blogs are mediums for online marketing. They are not mere spaces used like brochures. Instead they are places to share useful content in a way that mere paper could never hope to achieve.


A business blog enables you to self-promote by demonstrating your leadership via writing creative articles on topics relevant to the products or services you promote. You can do it with visual, charts, diagrams, and so on. 


 A business blog should be more in the form of sponsorship than a sale 80% of the business blog should be dedicated to sharing knowledge, and 20% on promotion.


This is not to say that you can’t have ‘ads’ on your site, using your affiliate links, or those links within the articles and reviews.


But avoid doing a pure play full on link site where all you want people to do is shop. They may visit once, but they are not likely to return.


You can also get ads on your site from an ad network, but people tend to suffer from ‘banner blindness’ these days, where they rarely click on banners as they once did.


You can sign up for Google Adsense to display ads on your page, served up as keywords, but frankly, for 5 cents per click, you need 20 people to click even to make one measly dollar.


One way around this, though, is the Google adsense search box, coded with your affiliate link, but which takes them to Google to search. Again, you get paid if they click on a sponsored link. 


This may not happen as often as if you had your site plastered with dozens of adsense ads, but frankly, it is better for you because it lends you some legitimate status with your visitor, and you are not totally encouraging them to go over and deal with your competitors. You are not cutting your own throat for a paltry five cents. You have that visitor at your site; do what you can to keep them.


If they do want to click out, well, they will do it on your terms. The Google search box will let them search your site alongside searching for organic and pay per click results through Google.


Nov 02 2008

Blogging For Money 8

Blogging For Money 8


Affiliate links

How to choose the right affiliate programs is a separate topic unto itself.  Suffice it to say, though that once you have your blog up and running, you will want to put your affiliate links wherever possible. Even if you are not specifically reviewing the products or the site, if you can spin the article correctly, you can just put it down at the end of the blog posting like a little ad.


Everything is about context, and content. Make sure you are not spamming people, but do offer them things they can use.


Be aware of the difference between a business and a personal blog

With a personal blog, you would create much more of a sense of what you do day to day. It is full of the mundane and is seldom gripping or full of useful information.


 With a business blog, you are specifically using it as a marketing tool, for yourself, or a product or service, or an eBook or some other product. Even if you are only looking for lead generation, that is, collecting email addresses so that you can send them further information with their permission, and thus avoid being accused of being a spammer.


So everything at your business blog, each posting, every links, should be designed to enhance your professional reputation and advance your marketing platform.


You literally have 2/10ths of a second to create an impression on the web these days, and a clean, clear design with interesting headlines, and an impressive array of well organized categories will go a long way towards convincing people that you have something worthwhile to offer.


Nov 01 2008

Blogging For Money 7

Blogging For Money 7



Using subheadings

When crafting your article, also use subheads, to help your reader through the material and also get more keyword density for the article.  Write tight for the same reason, to keep up your keyword density.


Add illustrations

You can also add pictures. Make sure your alt and your title tags are keyworded properly.


Create a series of articles


A blog is a work in progress. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive, with everything you know on the topic. You can take a longer article, and break it up into segments. This also helps because they will keep coming back for more and in addition, you can syndicate your articles through a simple RSS feed.


Organize your content in a manner that is easy to understand. Use graphic elements such as bold, italic, and color to emphasize a certain point.


Use bullets as well, both numbered and dotted, to break up text.


Make your article easy to read by choosing the right font size. If you find a great WordPress template, but are not crazy about the font size, if can be changed if you learn how to edit a style sheet, and can then make the template just the way you like it.


Line spacing is also important, so take care. Double space between paragraphs, but not between every line.



Add links and block quotes where required. Be professional, impressive and try to make your blog look like a successful professional enterprise. As we said, it could well be your storefront for products for sale, or your own consultancy services.


Joining the Blog Culture

In order to make your blog really stand out and resonate with the reader, go and do your research. Once you have picked your niche topic, search for the top 10 or so blogs, and see what they do well, and what you would do differently. 


Oct 31 2008

Blogging For Money 6

Blogging For Money 6 


Earn money with your blog quickly and easily


Blogging today has become a profitable business, an invaluable marketing tool which, along with a couple of others, can help you make money 24/7, 365 days a year.



Being consistent

The thing is to understand at the outset that it is not a sprint but a marathon. Therefore you should plan that it is going to take at least 3 to 6 months to see the results of your efforts.  But if you stay consistent, see them you will.


When people search the internet, or even surf it, they are browsing with a particular goal in mind, usually to find out more, or discover a solution to their problem.


They are always searching for articles of interest and the search engines want to deliver to them the most relevant content.  So content that is fresh, lively, and dynamically generated through a blog is going to entice the search engines.


 It is also going to entice readers. So again, in much the same way as a newspaper sub-editor writes the headlines for maximum impact, you should make sure every one of your headlines is loaded with keywords so people will know exactly what it is about. There is no time to be coy in a blog.


Grabbing the right kind of attention

The introduction has to grab their attention, and tell them where you plan to go.  Write from a position of authority, even if it is only a product review for a product you are planning to sell as an affiliate.


Really DO use the product, don’t just fib about it. And of course, as we have mentioned, the greatest thing about being registered for different household name products is that you can shop too and save big.


Linking correctly to other sites

In addition, feel free to link to relevant sites for more information, not just use your affiliate links. Of course, your affiliate links should be coded correctly. You might want to set them up and buy a product or two, and then check your account, just to make sure that they are working correctly and the sales are registering properly.


There is nothing worse than getting a ‘free template’ on line for a blog or website in order to make money on, for example Adsense or an affiliate program, only to find out that they have provided their own ID links and you aren’t getting a penny in credit on the sales.

Oct 30 2008

Blogging For Money 5

Blogging For Money 5

Money versus passion

As we have said, it is easy to make money on line with your blog if you are an affiliate with top companies, selling high-quality things people really do want to buy.

However, don’t make money your sole motivation for your blogs, as it will soon become transparent to the reader. Writing the content in your blog should be your passion, and the extra income will help pay for the site and motivate you to go on even if you feel like no one in the world is reading you.

You can write reviews of the products, share your experiences using it, and indeed, you might even find that you are re-writing their sales letter because theirs does not seem to be working that well.

So long as it is relevant, interesting content, like an ‘infomercial’, you will be providing value and service for your reader.

Stay ahead of the curve

Also make sure you check out other blogs, to see how they are doing it, and link to them in a meaningful way, to help build your own traffic and reputation. Never spam.

You can also post some of your original articles at article banks, with a link back to your site. You will not only get traffic, you will be building your own reputation as the ‘go to’ blogger on your niche topic.

Stay focused

Choose a niche topic of interest that is sustainable, and go for it. Travel is a huge topic, so why not narrow it down. I adore the North Island of New Zealand, and have lived in Ireland, England, and the USA.

All of those are niches within the travel topic, and I can narrow them down to be as specific as I like, Dublin, London, New York, and narrow it still further, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and even narrow down Manhattan, Midtown, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and so on.

I can also sell sunglasses, suitcases, and but there is nothing quite like insider travel tips. If you can’t an ebook to sell as an affiliate from Clickbank or Paydotcom, write your own!

Oct 29 2008

Blogging For Money 4

Blogging For Money 4

Traffic is King

The traffic is important because you need a steady stream of visitors reading you, and hopefully buying from you. You can also generate income through ad clicks, product sales, affiliate sales, consulting leads, or donations if you are running a blog for charity.

Converting that Traffic is the Ace in the Hole

So, traffic is part of your key to generate more online income. The second part is CONVERTING that traffic from browser into buyer.

If you are converting 1 in 100 visitors, that is 1%. If you improve your sales pitch, and get it up to 2 or even 5 out of 100, that is 2% to 5%. You have already doubled your income, or even quintupled it. So then think what more traffic will mean!

Finding the Right opportunities is easy

Initially it might be difficult for you to decide on which potential stream of income to choose from, as there are many available in the market. The beauty is, you can try them all. But go for the low-hanging fruti first. People love how-to ebooks, and brands they recognize at bargain prices.

Make sure that the products you offer are relevant to the topic of your blog, or, if you really want to go shopping yourself in order to save money, set up your affiliate links in a mini-mall kind of format.

Otherwise, when selling products related to your site, make sure you provide content that will help lead them to the link logically, and to a purchasing decision.

Oct 28 2008

Blogging For Money 3

Be keen to get started

The great thing is that you can get started with a blog TODAY. Literally all you need is a credit card and about 2 hours of your time.

Register your domain, pay for it and your hosting program, start writing content while you wait for it to propagate, upload wordpress into it, and it can be live within 2 hours, and most definitely up and indexed within 48 hours. It really is that simple if you use Hostgator.

While you are waiting for the full propagation, you can use those 48 hours to write more content, sign up for affiliate programs and get the links, and be ready to not only wow people with content, but be able to monetize your blog from the get-go.

Build your audience and the money will follow

Another essential tool is lead generation. If you can come up with an interesting free special report to give away in exchange for their email address, you have a captive audience whom you can mail your latest postings to automatically through RSS and autoresponder emailing technology.

You just have to keep up a steady stream of high-quality content thereafter, and occasionally administer to the account. The email technology does the rest. And again, you can have this up and running in the 2 day period while you wait for your domain name to fully propagate and go live.

Sounds good? It is.

Act on your enthusiasm

And, if you hesitate or delay, then you may miss the opportunity, as many buzzwords today are gone tomorrow. If you have a terrific idea or spin on what’s in the news and don’t implement it, you may simply lose out on the traffic, and thus the money.

You will also lose out on the chance to get visitors’ pingbacks, trackbacks, and comments, all valuable in establishing the reputation of your site.