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Jun 28 2012

Free Blogging for Profit ecourse

To support you in your efforts as a professional blogger, we have created the Quick Blog Profit Academy online ecourse, and the Quick Blog Profit Membership site.
For your free 10-lesson course on getting started as a professional blogger, please visit:

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Jul 17 2010

Quick Blog Profit Academy

The Quick Blog Profit Academy has now launched. Inside the Members’ Area, you’ll get  step by step guidance on blogging (web logging), and  how it can make you profits quickly and easily if you are prepared to put in a bit of time and effort. You will also learn about the main blogging platforms and get an inside look at the wonders of WordPress. It’s more than just a blog,  it’s a content management system robust enough for even large companies to use to build money-making websites in next to no time.

The Quick Blog Profit team has also put together a 7-day ecourse to help you learn more about blogging, to see if it is the right new money-making career for you.

Learn the secrets of successful blogging quickly and easily from the experts: Quick Blog Profit Academy

Nov 10 2008

Blogging For Money 16

Blogging For Money 16


How about owning more than one blog?

In order to make a living, it is advisable to own more than only one blog by different titles. As it entails a lot more hard work as well as more time, do it only after getting your first blog fully established and up and running with great content plus appropriate affiliate links. 


Remember it will be twice the work, but of course you can queue up your entries well in advance, and make sure you use templates for your ads wherever possible, and keep a list of affiliate links so you can just copy and paste them easily.


And as we said above, there are different ways of getting content, through PLR and MRR, amongst others, without breaking the bank or spending too much time writing and not enough developing the business.


Also allow others to become contributors. You can actually set levels of permission at the site. Anyone who registers can be a subscriber, but you can also set permissions from contributor to author to editor which allow people to post content, but give you as administrator ultimate approval over it. 


Editor will allow them to Publish directly to the net. Any other name has lower levels of permission, and they will save as drafts only. Then you will have to go in to click publish yourself.


Act responsibly

In order to achieve wider acceptance and more income, allow yourself to come across as a responsible blogger, who is blogging with a sense of purpose and social responsibility, rather than blogging to give vent to his or her resentment and indignation over the state of the world. Educate and entertain and enlighten, don’t rant and spew venom.


Remember, you want to run a business, and have a blog you would be proud to show anyone, including a future prospective employer.


So, if you are in search of a job or even career that is full of creativity and interesting challenges, you can certainly become a professional writer and blogger.


It will give you the joy of expressing yourself and enjoying job and financial freedom at the same time.

Nov 09 2008

Blogging For Money 15

Blogging For Money 15


Invest money as well as your time

Invested money attracts more money. This is true about blogging as well. So, apart from investing enough time, reinvest some of the money into blogging that you earned from it. For instance, you can spend the money you get from your clickbank or commission junction sales on advertising with Google for their Pay Per Click services, targeting your niche very carefully and specifically. This will not only drive traffic, but people who are actually already searching for what you have to offer.



Have something to fall back on while you are getting established

Though you would be blogging with dedication, you also must have something to fall back on, in order to have peace of mind financially. You can take ads from a network, for example, but between that and affiliates; you will not initially be able to pay the bills. The great thing is, you can blog, and have a day job at the same time!


Always on the lookout for a great new affiliate product or program to promote on your blog. You can also consider selling your own products or selling premium content through a membership. Just be sure you have plenty of good stuff worth selling.  And no matter what, always capture their email address with the incentive of a newsletter and/or free special report.  Setting up with Aweber will be $20 a month. Setting up a membership site with Amember, about $140 investment. 


If you need more content, you can get it from PLR programs (Private Label Rights) in which you buy content, and can change it a bit and claim it as ‘yours’. 


There is even MRR content, Master Reseller rights content, in which you can not only claim the content as yours, but sell the rights on to other people.  You can get dozens of articles on specific niches for pennies compared to hiring a freelancer or spending the time to do it yourself. 


Nov 08 2008

Blogging For Money 14

Blogging For Money 14


How To Make A Career Out Of Blogging

There are people amongst us, who love to tread a path less traveled. They want to carve a new path and a niche for themselves in the humdrum world of the mundane.


If you are one like them, consider making a career out of blogging. Making a career out of writing, and out of blogging, demands consistency, prolonged focus and above all patience. You need to be a savvy person when it comes to affiliate relationships and you need to have good technical know how in managing your blog or hiring the right people and the right content providers to make your blog an amazing resource people will want to come back to over and over again.


You will not become rich overnight, but with any luck, you will be able to position yourself as one of the leading experts in your niche if you post consistently and well.


You need the qualities of tenacity and perseverance, organization, and online connectivity at all times.


You need to have the right mind set.


You are going to be moving from amateur to professional blogger.


It will no longer be a hobby, but a money-maker, a business.


You need to treat it as a business, run it as a business. You need to set up your own corporate so you can write off expenses on your taxes, and balance them with any income you might get.


You need to stay organized and keep good records. Fortunately, most affiliate programs will do that for you.


Nov 07 2008

Blogging For Money 13

Blogging For Money 13


Other great tools to use


You could even have your visitors sign up to receive new blog posts via email regularly. We recommend Aweber, and this is part of their message feature. You can craft follow-up messages in a queue, broadcast messages which you would send out every so often like a news blast, or the third choice in the menu, send out an email automatically every time there is a new entry on your blog. 


With this third choice, just make sure that your blog is set to show full rss feed in your administrative dashboard with wordpress, otherwise you will just get headline and what we call the snippet, or teaser copy.


You would also need to have the RSS setting on full feed for the podcast delivery, and some simple instructions for people as to how to listen to and subscribe to your podcast. iTunes software is free and works on both a MAC and PC, so we recommend that as the easiest service for getting people set up with podcasts.


The sign up feature for your blog through Aweber, and through allowing them to become a member of your site, or subscriber, helps you to get to know the visitors to your business blog. Then as you get feedback from them, you can offer more of what you know they are interested in. They are only your ‘customer’ if they contact you or buy from you. Then you should pay attention to what they are telling you, because they are taking the time and trouble to do so.


One other word about moderating comments— make sure you click on the link to see who they are and what their content is.   For one thing, the site might not be real, or might be full of objectionable content. For another, it might act as a trigger for all sorts of other spam bots to try to glom onto that posting in your blog.


If that happens, just unapprove the comment and label it as spam, and then copy and destroy the article and then repost it. 


One of the secrets to a successful business blog is not having to spend too much time on it, and wading through spam and moderating rubbish is definitely time-consuming. 


On the other hand, if you do get real subscribers, do take the time to reply to them.  After all, the internet is all about people and making connections.  With any luck, you will soon have a network of like-minded people. 


A well-crafted and well-run business blog is your key to successful promotion and earned revenue. The longer you do it, the more you can watch it grow.

Nov 06 2008

Blogging For Money 12

Blogging For Money 12


Keep it relevant

You should ensure that the posts on your business blog are related to your business and industry. You need to make sure that in the case of wide-ranging and relevant topics, they are of interest to your customers and prospects.


You should always keep in mind the nature of blog traffic and the fact that blogs should be vehicles for people to also be able to comment on what you have said. You can allow comments, but make sure they sign up for your site, and the comments are moderated; otherwise you could get spam or obscenities, or even worse, clickjackers who will hijack your hard work in your blog and ruin it.


Each post and each comment you moderate and approve should be designed to add value by being useful, otherwise it should not be there. If you are an affiliate, make sure you are not inundating them with offers, and that you are offering good solid content in addition to weekly specials and discounts.


In a business blog, provide ‘really simple syndication’ or RSS to control the information received. The RSS feature is adopted because the medium is free and prospects and customers eventually expect it.


Another wonderful tool is that you can take your RSS feed link, and turn your RSS into a podcast automatically. It can sometimes mispronounce words, but on the whole it sounds very natural. We recommend the free service at

Nov 05 2008

Blogging For Money 11

Blogging For Money 11



Creating an effective business blog

First and foremost, select a blog hosting service that is easy to use and offers robust features. We recommend the Hostgator hatchling level of service because it is so easy to set up and use.


You could also consider hosting the blog on your own existing business web site,

after checking the RSS feed capabilities and the dedicated Track-back functionality.


With WordPress, you can easily add it to your site, and get all these benefits and more.


Decide on who will write for the blog. Your options include somebody in the company. Whether offered in house or outsourced, you should make sure that the person or people writing for the business blog have decent writing skills and knowledge of the value you wish to offer customers and prospects.


You could outsource the job to the customer service reps or outside consultant. Or in the case of technical information being imparted, you could include the in-house engineers and technicians.


You can also include the marketers, executives, basically anyone with thorough knowledge of your products or services and with a direct access with the business customers could contribute to the business blog.


Ensure that your business blog has contact information prominent on the site, usually in the footer.  Again, WordPress usually templates this for you.


Make sure you have your credentials up on the site as well.  Keep the business blog content fresh and updated at least weekly. Also avoid being too similar to other blogs. Instead, drive your effort towards creating unique and interesting content, to establish yourself as a leader and expert.


Position yourself as the go-to blog for specialized topics, and they will keep coming back.