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Dec 18 2008

AutoResponders: Work Smarter, Not Harder 3

Autoresponders for internet marketing

Targetted auto responders can ideally be used to cater to specific consumers in a particular niche.  You can even segment your lists further, to hone your messages even more precisely.

For example, if they buy from you, take them off one list, and put them on another, one that will give them more information about how to make the most of their product, or will encourage them to buy a further related product, for example.

Auto responders provide effective communication with customers and clients, as well as other staff and even family and friends, anyone you want to keep informed about your products and services.  They give an edge to your business, providing free advertising and getting your name or company more exposure.

In this whole scenario, you do get to work less and make more, and that is what everybody wants.  By working smarter, not harder, you have more time to grow your business in other ways.

Set up the autoresponder once, and start gathering names on a squeeze page. Mail to them regularly, at least once a week, with something meaningful to say.

If you are not selling your own product, but are an affiliate, use an autoresponder as a marketing tool.

One final word-they say the money is in the list. Don’t be fooled. The money is still in the person’s wallet. You have to figure out how to get it out of there and into YOUR wallet.

A well-designed autoresponder series of emails can do just that.

To get started today, research autoresponder services online, or visit Aweber

Dec 16 2008

AutoResponders: Work Smarter, Not Harder 2

If you are using your autoresponder/s as a newsletter or sequence of informational mailings, one of the most handy features of Aweber is the ability to scheduled outgoing messages to those who have requested this information.

In addition to the queue of pre-prepared emails, you can also set up a broadcast, or email blast, also referred to as a broadcast email.

Or, if you have a blog or site you are running an RSS feed on, you can link your Aweber account to your blog, In this way,  every time you publish a new article, it will push out as an RSS feed, webpage, AND email to your registered subscribers all at the same time, without you doing anything other than uploading the article once.

As we said, work smarter, not harder.

Auto responders are also a smart way of dealing with customer service issues such as giving out factual information and dealing with FAQs, and also gives you a live list of interested names to market to.

An efficient  messaging system and can eliminate the time of having to call your cell or home machine to retrieve messages, when it can be done automatically, weeding out the easy questions and freeing your time to deal with the customers further along in the decision-making process.

Autoresponders can also be used as a simple and very cost-effective way of advertising, because many people forward emails, and so your information can very easily go viral.

It is said that every happy customer tells at least 7 people. (And every unhappy one far more!)

Responders are also especially useful in support, such as “email this link if I am unavailable” – an encouraging statement for those who are under professional help or trying to quit smoking, for example.

They can even give useful information on how to solve a problem with software or hardware.

Autoresponders can also be used to confirm a subscription or cancellation.

In our next section, we will talk about using autoresponders effectively for internet marketing.


Dec 14 2008

AutoResponders: Work Smarter, Not Harder 1

The use of autoresponders is quickly becoming popular in the online advertising and marketing world.

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, and so a computer-based business is ideal, especially one that can be run virtually on autopilot.

An autoresponder is an essential tool in this type of business, to help you work smarter, not harder.

An autoresponder is an automatic messaging system, generally used on websites with ‘squeeze pages’ (also known as rapid conversion landing pages) in which a customer asks for and is given more information about a particular topic, or about the company’s products and services.

One such example is the robust Aweber  system.

At its simplest, the autoresponder will thank them for their interest, and send the information requested. However, an autoresponder can be a powerful tool when used as part of an overall integrated marketing platform.

In the case of a free newsletter, for example, in this system of permission-based marketing, you can contact them at will with information on the topic or your product, or range of products.

If you want to go the newsletter route, make sure you have users double-opt in, in order to be CAN-SPAM compliant. (In other words, you are promising that you are not spamming because they willingly gave you their name, received an email from you which asked them to confirm, and then did indeed confirm their interest.)

Aweber can handle all of these tasks for you quickly and easily. It is templated, so you can get started from the moment you open your account. If you want to customize your email and marketing message, you can do that to if you have the ability to set up new pages at your own site.