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Apr 14 2013

Affiliate Marketing Success Coaching

Every day we’re asked to lend our expertise to companies large and small, from multinational corporations, to small church and community groups, to the lone individual.

All of them have one thing in common: they are all trying to achieve their dreams of making a better life for themselves and the people they know and care about through getting their message in front of the right people in order to make money online.

That’s why we’ve just launched the Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets area, creating The Affiliate Marketing Institute in order to guide people through the whole process of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

We’ve also created a free 7-day ecourse for people who are eager to learn more about affiliate marketing, and how to get started online as an affiliate marketer.

The content in the special membership site will be some of our best material ever written on how to become a successful affiliate marketer. It will  be taken from our affiliate blog and our own ebooks and other special exclusive insider secrets.

  • So if you’re eager to get started earning money online today through becoming a successful affiliate marketer, just take a moment to register for the FREE ecourse on Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets. It only take a moment, and is fast, easy, and free!

Here’s to your success as an affiliate marketer!

Dec 20 2012

Commission Crusher Software

Commission Crusher

Jun 26 2012

Free Affiliate Marketing ecourse

To support you in your efforts as an affiliate marketer, we’ve just created the Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets online ecourse, and the Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets Membership site.
For a free 7-lesson course on getting started as an affiliate marketer, please visit:

Want even more step-by-step instruction? Our top team has created this membership site to coach you as you start your new career as an affiliate marketer. Check it out at:

Dec 30 2008

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 6

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 6

One other way to get the most bang for your buck is to ask your practice audience you are performing your business presentations in front of if they might be interested in helping you, in exchange for a commission, of course.

In other words, they have already sat through the elevator speech and the presentation, perhaps several times. It might be only a few short steps more to actually train them. In fact, some of your family and friends might have similar skills, and be happy to have the opportunity, and an additional income and business they can take a proprietary interest in without having to start their own business from scratch themselves.

Make it fun for them and promise you’ll be a good coach and sales representative. Let them know what’s in it for them too, commission, samples, or discounts on products if you are enlisting them as another affiliate for the program you have signed up for.

You might also consider bartering with them, their help, in exchange for yours with their core business, or some other assistance. For example, if this person does a lot of traveling anyway, and can hand out your materials at trade shows as long as he or she is there, you can offer to look after their garden while they are away at the show.

Find out if they have a website, and do mutual linking, or even better, round robin linking, in which anyone with similar businesses links to you, but not directly, rather, in a circle, so the links count for more than mere reciprocal links.

It is almost guaranteed that there are other consultants and business people with similar interests right in your own community. Take an ad out in the local pennysaver paper and set up a presentation at your house or a local school or church center, and see who turns up.

Some might be customers, others trying to sell their own stuff, but a third group might genuinely interested in your products and be willing to sign on as a sales rep on commission in order to earn a little additional income during these financially tough times.

Make sure you have sales material with your url on it, and even better, a unique url for them, so that you can see how much traffic is being generated from certain urls, in other words, certain helpers or affiliates.
Track this, and you can then consider offering them a better deal, the more traffic and paying customers or leads they are generating.

It may take a little creative thinking to get people to start acting as spokespersons for your new company. However, once the ball is rolling and you’ve educated your potential people and given them the right sales collateral to use, hopefully you will all get into the mindset of looking for opportunities everywhere, and always being armed with information to pass along to anyone who might want more information.

Following these simple marketing rules will get your new business or affiliate business well on its way to attaining your financial goals without breaking the bank or exhausting yourself.

Nov 18 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 8

So what do we consider content of value? Great content can include:


* An honest and trustworthy review of the product.


* A testimonial of the results you have achieved using the product.


*A relevant article with a resource box and a link to your website, which you can post at a free article bank site


* A review of the product plus a 5-7 day email mini courses with content, and of course a little ad for the product at the end of each email.  With some affiliates, you will even be able to offer special deals and discounts.


* A short sales letter that presells the product. No, don’t copy the letter, but do look at the list of features and benefits, and highlight them for the reader.


Examples related to the Tassimo might include:

Contains a water filter, to make sure your drinks are always great-tasting, and you don’t have to de-scale the machine.


Contains a 68-ounce water well, enough for over 8 cups of coffee without even having to fill it at the sink all the time.


Obviously, if you really do use the product, it will show in the review. So wherever possible, make sure you try out the product you are selling.  For one thing, you will get commission on the sale of the product through the affiliate link you have set up, so there is no reason not to buy-you are basically getting a big discount.


For another, that is one of the great things about being an affiliate—if you shop, which all of us have to sooner or later, in many cases you can get a discount on the things you ordinarily buy through your own website and affiliate links.


The same is true of friends and family-send them to your site to shop as well, and everyone wins.


All you have to do is set up your pre-sell pages and links, and then start driving traffic.


Remember, content is king on the internet. Pre-sell your affiliate product with clear, concise text which will convince them that they have found the solution (how to get great tasting coffee every morning without breaking the bank) and make them eager to buy.

Nov 17 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 7


There are many powerful ways to pre-sell any product you are affiliated with. 


The first is the PPC campaign.


The second is lead generation, in which you offer a free book in exchange for their email address.


In this way, you are stepping into the realm of permission-based marketing, and can offer not only the eBook, but even, if you are so inclined, a little mini-course which contains more information, and perhaps even some Tassimo recipes they can enjoy—but only once they have bought the machine and discs!


Yes, it will take work to create the mini-course, and set up an email capture system and auto responder series (we recommend Aweber, cheap, fast, and easy to use), but a smart affiliate never just completely passes along his customer to the seller without gaining some sort of value from them.  Get the email address, and you have a captive audience of people all interested in X, whatever it happens to be.


For example, if they are interested in Xbox games, you could then create an Xbox mini-course, and then a series of discount offers, and thus be able to have multiple contact points in which you have the chance to sell them more related products as an affiliate.


So if you want to be a savvy marketer, NEVER ever send anyone directly to the sales letter of the product from your PPC add. Capture their email address, offer content of value, and above all, pre-sell with that content.

Nov 16 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 6


Pre-selling actually transforms the visitor’s mind, from one who is not quite sure what results are going to be served up by the search engine, to feeling that they are sure they are in the right place, and they are ready to get out the credit card and buy.


You are creating positive expectations in their mind, and making them more than ready to buy—you are making them EAGER to buy.


By pre-selling in this way, you are getting a much more qualified audience that is much more likely to convert.  You are weeding out the people only looking for free stuff, and the skeptics and people not likely to buy on line because of their severe trust issues.


You are left with the ones who are READY to make a purchasing decision, the difference between the person who types in coffee maker, from the person who types in Tassimo 1400.


The more effectively you pre-sell the product you are acting as an affiliate for, through your PPC ad, and landing page copy, the more like it is that you will convert your visitor into a buyer. 


Then the already highly converting sales letter will help them make the final decision, and thus maximize your efforts and yield real results.


And if this sounds like a lot of hard work, just keep in mind that often a picture is worth a thousand words.


So a picture of the item, a close up, photos taken from different angles, exact specifications of the product (the Tassimo is 16 inches tall, 10 wide, and will fit on any countertop… for example), other reviews, of the machine, or the drink pods, will all contribute to the actual sales process, even if you think it is nothing more than a bunch of factual information.


The reason is that people are looking for features and benefits.


“Tassimo offers a variety of drink discs, from herbal tea to hot chocolate to latte and espresso, so you can be sure everyone in the office will find exactly what they are looking for, and no one will feel left out.


“Each delicious hot drink will cost about 50 cents, far less than you’d have to  pay for you cappuccino in a coffee house. Plus, it will certainly save money, hundreds every month if your office is anything like mine. No more throwing away gallons of too strong, too weak, or just plain bad or even stewed coffee. No more fuss and mess with spilled grounds, soggy filters, or scorched or broken carafes. You can literally make a fabulous cup of coffee by inserting a disc, and pressing one button.”


Again, all this is true, but it takes a marketer like myself who has really used the product for the past 2 years (and has tried other similar coffee machines at other offices and friend’s houses) to really bring out the features that are going to bring the most benefit to the user.

Nov 15 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 5


Online shopping is great and becoming more and more common, but there is still a lot of mistrust surrounding it. There is a concern about credit card fraud, but also as to whether or not the thing advertised is actually going to arrive, and arrive as stated.


Not every company has an Amazon standard of service, or customer service.  Sadly, sometimes if it is a case of ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’, it comes to pass that your customer might end up disappointed. So don’t overdo the pre-sell, and build up such expectations that they are doomed to inevitable disappointment. But sometimes one can also be pleasantly surprised.


For example, we just bought a new Electrolux vacuum. My mother had seen it advertised at Costco. It was a great price there, but when we looked online to compare prices, we found a site that had the same make and model, but $200 cheaper!


Naturally, we were skeptical, and some of the negative comments about the site in the review area gave us pause. But knowing we were protected with credit card money back guarantees and so on, we decided we had nothing to lose, and tried it.


It not only came by UPS in less than 48 hours, it was the exact, brand new model we had wanted. We got it out of the box and started to use it at once.   It was so quiet and easy to use I got the whole house done in about half the time it usually took me.


So how could they afford to sell it so cheaply? They accidentally left an invoice taped to the box—it turns out that they are vacuum wholesalers and they were selling unwanted stock direct to consumer. So I got a fabulous vacuum for my mother for over $200 less than the Costco bargain price, $300 off the list price.


Best of all, it is not a run of the mill vacuum, but one filled with special features, like the canister being tall and squat so it does not tip over.


Then there is the light weight power drive with multisurface control, so you can switch from carpet to floor and back again with just the press of a button.  There is also a light for the beater brush so you can see easily as you vacuum under things. It even has two HEPA filters and is bag less!


Again, have I created a desire in you for this great vacuum at a bargain price?  (Totally true, by the way—it even picks up my Russian blue’s cat fur!!)


 Clearly your pre-sell be should be interesting, convincing.  By generating buzz and providing a testimonial, you are engendering trust for the seller, and trust will generate more sales.