Nov 03 2008

Blogging For Money 9

Blogging For Money 9


How To Create An Effective Business Blog

Blogs are mediums for online marketing. They are not mere spaces used like brochures. Instead they are places to share useful content in a way that mere paper could never hope to achieve.


A business blog enables you to self-promote by demonstrating your leadership via writing creative articles on topics relevant to the products or services you promote. You can do it with visual, charts, diagrams, and so on. 


 A business blog should be more in the form of sponsorship than a sale 80% of the business blog should be dedicated to sharing knowledge, and 20% on promotion.


This is not to say that you can’t have ‘ads’ on your site, using your affiliate links, or those links within the articles and reviews.


But avoid doing a pure play full on link site where all you want people to do is shop. They may visit once, but they are not likely to return.


You can also get ads on your site from an ad network, but people tend to suffer from ‘banner blindness’ these days, where they rarely click on banners as they once did.


You can sign up for Google Adsense to display ads on your page, served up as keywords, but frankly, for 5 cents per click, you need 20 people to click even to make one measly dollar.


One way around this, though, is the Google adsense search box, coded with your affiliate link, but which takes them to Google to search. Again, you get paid if they click on a sponsored link. 


This may not happen as often as if you had your site plastered with dozens of adsense ads, but frankly, it is better for you because it lends you some legitimate status with your visitor, and you are not totally encouraging them to go over and deal with your competitors. You are not cutting your own throat for a paltry five cents. You have that visitor at your site; do what you can to keep them.


If they do want to click out, well, they will do it on your terms. The Google search box will let them search your site alongside searching for organic and pay per click results through Google.