Nov 01 2008

Blogging For Money 7

Blogging For Money 7



Using subheadings

When crafting your article, also use subheads, to help your reader through the material and also get more keyword density for the article.  Write tight for the same reason, to keep up your keyword density.


Add illustrations

You can also add pictures. Make sure your alt and your title tags are keyworded properly.


Create a series of articles


A blog is a work in progress. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive, with everything you know on the topic. You can take a longer article, and break it up into segments. This also helps because they will keep coming back for more and in addition, you can syndicate your articles through a simple RSS feed.


Organize your content in a manner that is easy to understand. Use graphic elements such as bold, italic, and color to emphasize a certain point.


Use bullets as well, both numbered and dotted, to break up text.


Make your article easy to read by choosing the right font size. If you find a great WordPress template, but are not crazy about the font size, if can be changed if you learn how to edit a style sheet, and can then make the template just the way you like it.


Line spacing is also important, so take care. Double space between paragraphs, but not between every line.



Add links and block quotes where required. Be professional, impressive and try to make your blog look like a successful professional enterprise. As we said, it could well be your storefront for products for sale, or your own consultancy services.


Joining the Blog Culture

In order to make your blog really stand out and resonate with the reader, go and do your research. Once you have picked your niche topic, search for the top 10 or so blogs, and see what they do well, and what you would do differently.