Oct 30 2008

Blogging For Money 5

Blogging For Money 5

Money versus passion

As we have said, it is easy to make money on line with your blog if you are an affiliate with top companies, selling high-quality things people really do want to buy.

However, don’t make money your sole motivation for your blogs, as it will soon become transparent to the reader. Writing the content in your blog should be your passion, and the extra income will help pay for the site and motivate you to go on even if you feel like no one in the world is reading you.

You can write reviews of the products, share your experiences using it, and indeed, you might even find that you are re-writing their sales letter because theirs does not seem to be working that well.

So long as it is relevant, interesting content, like an ‘infomercial’, you will be providing value and service for your reader.

Stay ahead of the curve

Also make sure you check out other blogs, to see how they are doing it, and link to them in a meaningful way, to help build your own traffic and reputation. Never spam.

You can also post some of your original articles at article banks, with a link back to your site. You will not only get traffic, you will be building your own reputation as the ‘go to’ blogger on your niche topic.

Stay focused

Choose a niche topic of interest that is sustainable, and go for it. Travel is a huge topic, so why not narrow it down. I adore the North Island of New Zealand, and have lived in Ireland, England, and the USA.

All of those are niches within the travel topic, and I can narrow them down to be as specific as I like, Dublin, London, New York, and narrow it still further, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and even narrow down Manhattan, Midtown, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and so on.

I can also sell sunglasses, suitcases, and but there is nothing quite like insider travel tips. If you can’t an ebook to sell as an affiliate from Clickbank or Paydotcom, write your own!