Oct 29 2008

Blogging For Money 4

Blogging For Money 4

Traffic is King

The traffic is important because you need a steady stream of visitors reading you, and hopefully buying from you. You can also generate income through ad clicks, product sales, affiliate sales, consulting leads, or donations if you are running a blog for charity.

Converting that Traffic is the Ace in the Hole

So, traffic is part of your key to generate more online income. The second part is CONVERTING that traffic from browser into buyer.

If you are converting 1 in 100 visitors, that is 1%. If you improve your sales pitch, and get it up to 2 or even 5 out of 100, that is 2% to 5%. You have already doubled your income, or even quintupled it. So then think what more traffic will mean!

Finding the Right opportunities is easy

Initially it might be difficult for you to decide on which potential stream of income to choose from, as there are many available in the market. The beauty is, you can try them all. But go for the low-hanging fruti first. People love how-to ebooks, and brands they recognize at bargain prices.

Make sure that the products you offer are relevant to the topic of your blog, or, if you really want to go shopping yourself in order to save money, set up your affiliate links in a mini-mall kind of format.

Otherwise, when selling products related to your site, make sure you provide content that will help lead them to the link logically, and to a purchasing decision.