Oct 28 2008

Blogging For Money 3

Be keen to get started

The great thing is that you can get started with a blog TODAY. Literally all you need is a credit card and about 2 hours of your time.

Register your domain, pay for it and your hosting program, start writing content while you wait for it to propagate, upload wordpress into it, and it can be live within 2 hours, and most definitely up and indexed within 48 hours. It really is that simple if you use Hostgator.

While you are waiting for the full propagation, you can use those 48 hours to write more content, sign up for affiliate programs and get the links, and be ready to not only wow people with content, but be able to monetize your blog from the get-go.

Build your audience and the money will follow

Another essential tool is lead generation. If you can come up with an interesting free special report to give away in exchange for their email address, you have a captive audience whom you can mail your latest postings to automatically through RSS and autoresponder emailing technology.

You just have to keep up a steady stream of high-quality content thereafter, and occasionally administer to the account. The email technology does the rest. And again, you can have this up and running in the 2 day period while you wait for your domain name to fully propagate and go live.

Sounds good? It is.

Act on your enthusiasm

And, if you hesitate or delay, then you may miss the opportunity, as many buzzwords today are gone tomorrow. If you have a terrific idea or spin on what’s in the news and don’t implement it, you may simply lose out on the traffic, and thus the money.

You will also lose out on the chance to get visitors’ pingbacks, trackbacks, and comments, all valuable in establishing the reputation of your site.