Oct 27 2008

Blogging For Money 2

Blogging For Money 2

Be web savvy

You should be comfortable enough to surf the Internet, deal with some basic HTML code, and be familiar with some basic web technologies like search engine optimization, otherwise known as keywording your site.

It also helps to know about metatags and elements like the alt and title tags for pictures, and even hyperlinks.

All of these will help you attract visitors to your blog.

Be able to balance

You have to strike a balance between your needs as a blogger with those of your visitors, plus the search engines, and those linked with you.

The title of your blog is essential so that people are not mislead.

It should also be interesting enough to grab their attention, so as to draw visitors to the blog. Blog search engines help readers find new postings on topics they are interested in, so use your keywords precisely to describe your content accurately.

Try to stay ahead of the curve in terms of news and trends. Election on this year? Try to spin your content so that it is relevant to what people are talking about. Economic crisis—how do your solutions or content save money?