Nov 10 2008

Blogging For Money 16

Blogging For Money 16


How about owning more than one blog?

In order to make a living, it is advisable to own more than only one blog by different titles. As it entails a lot more hard work as well as more time, do it only after getting your first blog fully established and up and running with great content plus appropriate affiliate links. 


Remember it will be twice the work, but of course you can queue up your entries well in advance, and make sure you use templates for your ads wherever possible, and keep a list of affiliate links so you can just copy and paste them easily.


And as we said above, there are different ways of getting content, through PLR and MRR, amongst others, without breaking the bank or spending too much time writing and not enough developing the business.


Also allow others to become contributors. You can actually set levels of permission at the site. Anyone who registers can be a subscriber, but you can also set permissions from contributor to author to editor which allow people to post content, but give you as administrator ultimate approval over it. 


Editor will allow them to Publish directly to the net. Any other name has lower levels of permission, and they will save as drafts only. Then you will have to go in to click publish yourself.


Act responsibly

In order to achieve wider acceptance and more income, allow yourself to come across as a responsible blogger, who is blogging with a sense of purpose and social responsibility, rather than blogging to give vent to his or her resentment and indignation over the state of the world. Educate and entertain and enlighten, don’t rant and spew venom.


Remember, you want to run a business, and have a blog you would be proud to show anyone, including a future prospective employer.


So, if you are in search of a job or even career that is full of creativity and interesting challenges, you can certainly become a professional writer and blogger.


It will give you the joy of expressing yourself and enjoying job and financial freedom at the same time.