Nov 09 2008

Blogging For Money 15

Blogging For Money 15


Invest money as well as your time

Invested money attracts more money. This is true about blogging as well. So, apart from investing enough time, reinvest some of the money into blogging that you earned from it. For instance, you can spend the money you get from your clickbank or commission junction sales on advertising with Google for their Pay Per Click services, targeting your niche very carefully and specifically. This will not only drive traffic, but people who are actually already searching for what you have to offer.



Have something to fall back on while you are getting established

Though you would be blogging with dedication, you also must have something to fall back on, in order to have peace of mind financially. You can take ads from a network, for example, but between that and affiliates; you will not initially be able to pay the bills. The great thing is, you can blog, and have a day job at the same time!


Always on the lookout for a great new affiliate product or program to promote on your blog. You can also consider selling your own products or selling premium content through a membership. Just be sure you have plenty of good stuff worth selling.  And no matter what, always capture their email address with the incentive of a newsletter and/or free special report.  Setting up with Aweber will be $20 a month. Setting up a membership site with Amember, about $140 investment. 


If you need more content, you can get it from PLR programs (Private Label Rights) in which you buy content, and can change it a bit and claim it as ‘yours’. 


There is even MRR content, Master Reseller rights content, in which you can not only claim the content as yours, but sell the rights on to other people.  You can get dozens of articles on specific niches for pennies compared to hiring a freelancer or spending the time to do it yourself.