Nov 08 2008

Blogging For Money 14

Blogging For Money 14


How To Make A Career Out Of Blogging

There are people amongst us, who love to tread a path less traveled. They want to carve a new path and a niche for themselves in the humdrum world of the mundane.


If you are one like them, consider making a career out of blogging. Making a career out of writing, and out of blogging, demands consistency, prolonged focus and above all patience. You need to be a savvy person when it comes to affiliate relationships and you need to have good technical know how in managing your blog or hiring the right people and the right content providers to make your blog an amazing resource people will want to come back to over and over again.


You will not become rich overnight, but with any luck, you will be able to position yourself as one of the leading experts in your niche if you post consistently and well.


You need the qualities of tenacity and perseverance, organization, and online connectivity at all times.


You need to have the right mind set.


You are going to be moving from amateur to professional blogger.


It will no longer be a hobby, but a money-maker, a business.


You need to treat it as a business, run it as a business. You need to set up your own corporate so you can write off expenses on your taxes, and balance them with any income you might get.


You need to stay organized and keep good records. Fortunately, most affiliate programs will do that for you.