Nov 07 2008

Blogging For Money 13

Blogging For Money 13


Other great tools to use


You could even have your visitors sign up to receive new blog posts via email regularly. We recommend Aweber, and this is part of their message feature. You can craft follow-up messages in a queue, broadcast messages which you would send out every so often like a news blast, or the third choice in the menu, send out an email automatically every time there is a new entry on your blog. 


With this third choice, just make sure that your blog is set to show full rss feed in your administrative dashboard with wordpress, otherwise you will just get headline and what we call the snippet, or teaser copy.


You would also need to have the RSS setting on full feed for the podcast delivery, and some simple instructions for people as to how to listen to and subscribe to your podcast. iTunes software is free and works on both a MAC and PC, so we recommend that as the easiest service for getting people set up with podcasts.


The sign up feature for your blog through Aweber, and through allowing them to become a member of your site, or subscriber, helps you to get to know the visitors to your business blog. Then as you get feedback from them, you can offer more of what you know they are interested in. They are only your ‘customer’ if they contact you or buy from you. Then you should pay attention to what they are telling you, because they are taking the time and trouble to do so.


One other word about moderating comments— make sure you click on the link to see who they are and what their content is.   For one thing, the site might not be real, or might be full of objectionable content. For another, it might act as a trigger for all sorts of other spam bots to try to glom onto that posting in your blog.


If that happens, just unapprove the comment and label it as spam, and then copy and destroy the article and then repost it. 


One of the secrets to a successful business blog is not having to spend too much time on it, and wading through spam and moderating rubbish is definitely time-consuming. 


On the other hand, if you do get real subscribers, do take the time to reply to them.  After all, the internet is all about people and making connections.  With any luck, you will soon have a network of like-minded people. 


A well-crafted and well-run business blog is your key to successful promotion and earned revenue. The longer you do it, the more you can watch it grow.