Nov 06 2008

Blogging For Money 12

Blogging For Money 12


Keep it relevant

You should ensure that the posts on your business blog are related to your business and industry. You need to make sure that in the case of wide-ranging and relevant topics, they are of interest to your customers and prospects.


You should always keep in mind the nature of blog traffic and the fact that blogs should be vehicles for people to also be able to comment on what you have said. You can allow comments, but make sure they sign up for your site, and the comments are moderated; otherwise you could get spam or obscenities, or even worse, clickjackers who will hijack your hard work in your blog and ruin it.


Each post and each comment you moderate and approve should be designed to add value by being useful, otherwise it should not be there. If you are an affiliate, make sure you are not inundating them with offers, and that you are offering good solid content in addition to weekly specials and discounts.


In a business blog, provide ‘really simple syndication’ or RSS to control the information received. The RSS feature is adopted because the medium is free and prospects and customers eventually expect it.


Another wonderful tool is that you can take your RSS feed link, and turn your RSS into a podcast automatically. It can sometimes mispronounce words, but on the whole it sounds very natural. We recommend the free service at