Nov 05 2008

Blogging For Money 11

Blogging For Money 11



Creating an effective business blog

First and foremost, select a blog hosting service that is easy to use and offers robust features. We recommend the Hostgator hatchling level of service because it is so easy to set up and use.


You could also consider hosting the blog on your own existing business web site,

after checking the RSS feed capabilities and the dedicated Track-back functionality.


With WordPress, you can easily add it to your site, and get all these benefits and more.


Decide on who will write for the blog. Your options include somebody in the company. Whether offered in house or outsourced, you should make sure that the person or people writing for the business blog have decent writing skills and knowledge of the value you wish to offer customers and prospects.


You could outsource the job to the customer service reps or outside consultant. Or in the case of technical information being imparted, you could include the in-house engineers and technicians.


You can also include the marketers, executives, basically anyone with thorough knowledge of your products or services and with a direct access with the business customers could contribute to the business blog.


Ensure that your business blog has contact information prominent on the site, usually in the footer.  Again, WordPress usually templates this for you.


Make sure you have your credentials up on the site as well.  Keep the business blog content fresh and updated at least weekly. Also avoid being too similar to other blogs. Instead, drive your effort towards creating unique and interesting content, to establish yourself as a leader and expert.


Position yourself as the go-to blog for specialized topics, and they will keep coming back.