Nov 04 2008

Blogging For Money 10

Blogging For Money 10


Business blogs versus personal blog


A business blog can be an online space where employees can interact with customers and prospects in their own unique styles. The business blog enables in-house contributors to demonstrate collected knowledge and expertise, and have informal conversations with customers and prospects.


The business blog is a well-written and informative newsletter. It is designed to be easier, faster and cheaper than other mediums of marketing.


If you work for a larger company like Microsoft or Google, they have a variety of employees all blogging about different aspects of the company. They do of course have to be careful about what they say, but then so do you.


Since 30% of all human resources departments Google prospective employees, make sure your online act is, as it were, clean and respectable. Gone are your college buddy days and boasts about how drunk you got at the weekend, or worse!


Be professional at all times, and put your best foot forward.