Nov 18 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 8

So what do we consider content of value? Great content can include:


* An honest and trustworthy review of the product.


* A testimonial of the results you have achieved using the product.


*A relevant article with a resource box and a link to your website, which you can post at a free article bank site


* A review of the product plus a 5-7 day email mini courses with content, and of course a little ad for the product at the end of each email.  With some affiliates, you will even be able to offer special deals and discounts.


* A short sales letter that presells the product. No, don’t copy the letter, but do look at the list of features and benefits, and highlight them for the reader.


Examples related to the Tassimo might include:

Contains a water filter, to make sure your drinks are always great-tasting, and you don’t have to de-scale the machine.


Contains a 68-ounce water well, enough for over 8 cups of coffee without even having to fill it at the sink all the time.


Obviously, if you really do use the product, it will show in the review. So wherever possible, make sure you try out the product you are selling.  For one thing, you will get commission on the sale of the product through the affiliate link you have set up, so there is no reason not to buy-you are basically getting a big discount.


For another, that is one of the great things about being an affiliate—if you shop, which all of us have to sooner or later, in many cases you can get a discount on the things you ordinarily buy through your own website and affiliate links.


The same is true of friends and family-send them to your site to shop as well, and everyone wins.


All you have to do is set up your pre-sell pages and links, and then start driving traffic.


Remember, content is king on the internet. Pre-sell your affiliate product with clear, concise text which will convince them that they have found the solution (how to get great tasting coffee every morning without breaking the bank) and make them eager to buy.