Nov 17 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 7


There are many powerful ways to pre-sell any product you are affiliated with. 


The first is the PPC campaign.


The second is lead generation, in which you offer a free book in exchange for their email address.


In this way, you are stepping into the realm of permission-based marketing, and can offer not only the eBook, but even, if you are so inclined, a little mini-course which contains more information, and perhaps even some Tassimo recipes they can enjoy—but only once they have bought the machine and discs!


Yes, it will take work to create the mini-course, and set up an email capture system and auto responder series (we recommend Aweber, cheap, fast, and easy to use), but a smart affiliate never just completely passes along his customer to the seller without gaining some sort of value from them.  Get the email address, and you have a captive audience of people all interested in X, whatever it happens to be.


For example, if they are interested in Xbox games, you could then create an Xbox mini-course, and then a series of discount offers, and thus be able to have multiple contact points in which you have the chance to sell them more related products as an affiliate.


So if you want to be a savvy marketer, NEVER ever send anyone directly to the sales letter of the product from your PPC add. Capture their email address, offer content of value, and above all, pre-sell with that content.