Nov 16 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 6


Pre-selling actually transforms the visitor’s mind, from one who is not quite sure what results are going to be served up by the search engine, to feeling that they are sure they are in the right place, and they are ready to get out the credit card and buy.


You are creating positive expectations in their mind, and making them more than ready to buy—you are making them EAGER to buy.


By pre-selling in this way, you are getting a much more qualified audience that is much more likely to convert.  You are weeding out the people only looking for free stuff, and the skeptics and people not likely to buy on line because of their severe trust issues.


You are left with the ones who are READY to make a purchasing decision, the difference between the person who types in coffee maker, from the person who types in Tassimo 1400.


The more effectively you pre-sell the product you are acting as an affiliate for, through your PPC ad, and landing page copy, the more like it is that you will convert your visitor into a buyer. 


Then the already highly converting sales letter will help them make the final decision, and thus maximize your efforts and yield real results.


And if this sounds like a lot of hard work, just keep in mind that often a picture is worth a thousand words.


So a picture of the item, a close up, photos taken from different angles, exact specifications of the product (the Tassimo is 16 inches tall, 10 wide, and will fit on any countertop… for example), other reviews, of the machine, or the drink pods, will all contribute to the actual sales process, even if you think it is nothing more than a bunch of factual information.


The reason is that people are looking for features and benefits.


“Tassimo offers a variety of drink discs, from herbal tea to hot chocolate to latte and espresso, so you can be sure everyone in the office will find exactly what they are looking for, and no one will feel left out.


“Each delicious hot drink will cost about 50 cents, far less than you’d have to  pay for you cappuccino in a coffee house. Plus, it will certainly save money, hundreds every month if your office is anything like mine. No more throwing away gallons of too strong, too weak, or just plain bad or even stewed coffee. No more fuss and mess with spilled grounds, soggy filters, or scorched or broken carafes. You can literally make a fabulous cup of coffee by inserting a disc, and pressing one button.”


Again, all this is true, but it takes a marketer like myself who has really used the product for the past 2 years (and has tried other similar coffee machines at other offices and friend’s houses) to really bring out the features that are going to bring the most benefit to the user.