Nov 15 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 5


Online shopping is great and becoming more and more common, but there is still a lot of mistrust surrounding it. There is a concern about credit card fraud, but also as to whether or not the thing advertised is actually going to arrive, and arrive as stated.


Not every company has an Amazon standard of service, or customer service.  Sadly, sometimes if it is a case of ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’, it comes to pass that your customer might end up disappointed. So don’t overdo the pre-sell, and build up such expectations that they are doomed to inevitable disappointment. But sometimes one can also be pleasantly surprised.


For example, we just bought a new Electrolux vacuum. My mother had seen it advertised at Costco. It was a great price there, but when we looked online to compare prices, we found a site that had the same make and model, but $200 cheaper!


Naturally, we were skeptical, and some of the negative comments about the site in the review area gave us pause. But knowing we were protected with credit card money back guarantees and so on, we decided we had nothing to lose, and tried it.


It not only came by UPS in less than 48 hours, it was the exact, brand new model we had wanted. We got it out of the box and started to use it at once.   It was so quiet and easy to use I got the whole house done in about half the time it usually took me.


So how could they afford to sell it so cheaply? They accidentally left an invoice taped to the box—it turns out that they are vacuum wholesalers and they were selling unwanted stock direct to consumer. So I got a fabulous vacuum for my mother for over $200 less than the Costco bargain price, $300 off the list price.


Best of all, it is not a run of the mill vacuum, but one filled with special features, like the canister being tall and squat so it does not tip over.


Then there is the light weight power drive with multisurface control, so you can switch from carpet to floor and back again with just the press of a button.  There is also a light for the beater brush so you can see easily as you vacuum under things. It even has two HEPA filters and is bag less!


Again, have I created a desire in you for this great vacuum at a bargain price?  (Totally true, by the way—it even picks up my Russian blue’s cat fur!!)


 Clearly your pre-sell be should be interesting, convincing.  By generating buzz and providing a testimonial, you are engendering trust for the seller, and trust will generate more sales.