Nov 14 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 4


Most new and inexperienced affiliate marketers will write an ad that sends visitors directly to the sales page.


While that method may work, in some cases, the results can hardly be compared to sending pre-qualified visitors to the sales letter.


They are already focused, indeed, already looking for what you sell. They’ve typed Tassimo into the search engine, looked at the organic and the paid results, and then chosen your ad compared to everyone else’s. Check your click-through rates, and look at how many are converting to buyers.


If you are not getting a lot of them to convert, then you need to look at your pre-selling techniques again.


Your focus as an affiliate marketer should always be to build value for the product long before they ever get to the sales letter. By the time the visitor enters the sales letter he has already pretty much become pre-disposed to buy.


Using high quality relevant content like a review that talks about your own personal experiences, and what to expect from the product, is invaluable.