Nov 13 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 3



So on your landing page which pre-sells a Tassimo coffee-maker, you will mention all these features again, and then write a review about how you can’t live without your hazelnut in the morning.  How awesome the machine is, and how they will not only love it themselves, but what a superb gift it would make, especially around the holidays.


And how you can even have it sitting right on your desk at work because it is so small, and has a 68 ounce well of water complete with filter so you don’t have to even be near a kitchen to have a great cup of the drink of your choice!


Actually, I’m not making this up. Everyone who has ever come to our office has fallen in love with the thing, and got a great cup of coffee-house quality coffee in a minute or so with no fuss, mess or wastage. 


How did I find out about it? I bought one as a gift for my friend, and everyone in her office went in to try it out the hot, frothy, yet low calorie cappuccino and chai, and it ended up as the office drinks machine. 


Am I convincing you so far to get one?


Well, actually, that is not really my intention. But I am sure that if I had a “buy now” button above, some of you would have clicked.


This illustration of how to pre-sell will hopefully demonstrate how effective a method it can be to create desire in the mind of your reader and visitor.