Nov 12 2008

Being a Top Affiliate-the Secret of the Presell 2


By choosing the right keywords, you are ‘pre-qualifying’ the visitors, in order to send them to the sales letter already in a frame of mind primed and ready to buy.


You are not, for example, running a PPC ad for Appliances, and hoping they are going to buy your coffee maker, instead of the fridge, vacuum, toaster, microwave, etc that they could buy.


No, if you want to be a successful affiliate, you will run a PPC campaign using keywords which are totally targeted to the product you want to sell, and will take them to a landing page, like a review page, which gives them incentive enough to click through to the sales page.


And nowadays, even coffee maker is far too general. Do they want an espresso maker, a Keurig, or a Tassimo? 


Here is a PPC sample ad:

Cheapest Tassimo with 20 free discs.

Full range of beverages, fast and

Free shipping. Member Discounts.


You can see in the ad examples of some of the buzzwords that will attract a Tassimo buyer.  It is cheap, the store gives free discs when you purchase, it stocks the entire range of Tassimo discs, ships fast and for free, and if you become a member, you will get additional savings, a useful thing considering you will have to keep on buying coffee, tea, chocolate and so on for the thing.


That is your PPC add.