Aug 31 2008

Advantages of Hiring a Web Designer

As we discussed in our previous article on the pros and cons of designing your own website, there are several advantages to doing it yourself, mainly time, cost, and complete control.

However, there are some advantages to using a designer:

– it frees up your extra time to do other important things to run your business

– designers bring experience to the table

– they can bring a fresh set of eyes to look at what you’re doing and help you achieve your goal

– in most cases your website will get done faster than you trying to learn everything from scratch

– a professional design gives a professional first impression to visitors

– they may add creativity to your site that you hadn’t thought of already

– sometimes this is less expensive when you figure it out by cost of your time, software, and so on.

– the will need less maintenance in the long term because the site is properly set up (or should be if you do careful planning)

– can install codes and make your website more interactive (but don’t let them get too wild on javascripts, Flash and so on, which are high maintenance and break often/are not compatible with all browsers-remember that the keywords are the thing)

– they can test your website and compatibilty before putting it live and give you an evaluation of it