Jun 18 2012

7 Top Tips for Better Organization

1. Assign a distinct ring tone on your cell phone for each of your important contacts.
Assign a tone for family, friends and office colleagues so you won’t have to guess who is calling and can decide whether to stop what you are doing and pick up, or ignore it and carry on with your work.

2. Organize and segregate the tools in your house.
Use a hanging shoe bag to sort large tools from small and help you see what you have to work with. You cannot only access the tools easily, you can also bring the whole array from room to room and just hang them on the door for easy access.

3. Manage the paperwork in the glove compartment of your car.
Get a small expanding file and create the appropriate labels for each compartment, such as registration, insurance, and a photocopy of your licence in case you might have forgotten your wallet and so on. This will help you avoid the fuss when looking for something in particular, especially if you are already under stress because you have been pulled over or had an accident.

4. Sorting clothes by color and use.
Color code the hangers: use blue hangers for casual clothes and black hangers for office wear. Have three central laundry hampers for the family if you can, white, colors and dark. Check to make sure none creep into the wrong load. And don’t forget to check for items in the machine that have the potential to ruin the whole wash if the colors run.

5. Post a list of what’s inside on your refrigerator and freezer doors. The note will help you identify which food went in first, which went in last or when leftovers need to be thrown away. Cooking ahead and freezing can be one of the best ways to save money and make the most of the hours in your day when you are working full time.

6. If you share a bathroom with other members of the family, share the same shampoo and soap and assign each member his or her own bathroom caddy to put their personal things in. Your bathroom will be more organized and clutter free.

7. Keep all appliance manuals and troubleshooting guides in a safe place, such as in a filing cabinet or in a large envelope or folder. They can help save you from expensive repairs and the frustration of the appliance not working.


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