Mar 14 2009

5 Reasons Twitter is a Powerful Marketing Tool 5

5 Reasons Twitter is a Powerful Marketing Tool 5

5. Tease Your Readers
You can also use Twitter to tease people a little bit, in a fun way, of course!  You are enticing them to learn more about your products, services, special deals and so on.

When you use Twitter, you have to keep your messages short, and in many ways, a little mysterious.  Pique their interest, joke around, and you’ll find that you gain a lot more followers and hopefully website traffic and customers as a result. Think tasteful Superbowl ads! Twitter as entertainment can be fun and educational.

One word of caution regarding Twitter:

Yes, Twitter can be a great marketing too. But be warned, just as with any other social networking site, Twitter can quickly become addictive if you let it.

Don’t go overboard and get so involved in all your tweeting that you lose too much time away from your intended purpose, that of building and marketing your business. Remember also that it is just one of many tools in your Web 2.0 arsenal which you will also need to devote time to in order to spread your marketing message.

That being said, used wisely Twitter can be a great and powerful marketing tool to help create online business success.