Dec 02 2008

1001 Advertising Tips : Book Review

1001 Advertising Tips

1001 Advertising Tips is an excellent reference guide full of expert advice on how to advertise effectively.

It explains what works and what doesn’t in advertising in a clear, straightforward manner. It is a clear, comprehensive, step-by-step guide to create advertising that sells.

The ideas in the book are organized in points, supported by examples from past advertising campaigns, and illustrated throughout with actual ads. All these visual examples make the ideas clear and memorable.

In 1001 Advertising Tips you will read about many effective marketing strategies and be offered insights, tools, and techniques that you need to market any product or service.

In this book you will learn:

* The types of words that persuade

* The images that grab consumers’ attention

* Sponsorship and product placement

* The kinds of slogans are the most effective

* The number of repetitions needed to sell your product

* The colors that optimize your message

* The power of corporate and brand logos

* The choice of a product name

The tips on advertising make this book an ideal way to get inspired. Each chapter is a well-researched mix of scientific knowledge and concrete examples.

No matter what type of advertising you use (print, billboard, television or radio advertising, internet) this book offers proven strategies. It outlines everything you need to know to create advertisements that will make your sales soar, regardless of your budget.

If advertising is a part of your marketing plan and you need some guidance and support as you take your advertising efforts to the next level, this is a superb book you will refer to over and over again.
1001 Advertising Tips